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Finding a mugshot in Pasco

In compliance with Florida Public Record Law, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office makes available to the public mugshots and other records of arrests made in the county. To access these mugshots, use the "In Jail" tab on the Sheriff's Office website to make a quick search of recent arrests and inmates in custody. The search tool on the page allows users to query the database with the following filters: name, date of birth, booking number and booking date. The search result provides the mugshot and other arrest information as well as historic arrest records of the defendant. This result equally identifies the holding facility where the defendant is currently being held if such a person is still in custody. To facilitate an easy search of the database on the page, it is arranged in two categories: current arrests and inmates in custody. This same page also offers records of active arrest warrants. Mugshots are published on the website 24 hours after booking to ensure the accuracy of accompanying arrest records.

Pasco County mugshots are also published by some local media. This includes the Tampa Bay Times which has a dedicated website for aggregating Pasco County mugshots. The newspaper provides a link to this mugshot site on its primary webpage under its news section. A visit to the site offers a quick snapshot of the most recent arrests and a biographical overview of the mugshots in its database. Click on the mugshot to access the rest of the arrest information for the defendant. The author of the site allows the users to query the mugshot database by arrest profile including name, photograph, and booking ID. Similarly, a query can be performed by filtering the search based on height, weight, age, gender, eye color, birth date, booking date and booking charge. The database is updated daily and each mugshot remains searchable on the site for up to 60 days from the booking date. Arrest records and mugshots published on the site are sourced from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. The author also aggregates mugshots from neighboring counties including Manatee, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas.

Other private media outfits aggregating Pasco County mugshots include Pasco County Mugshots and Pasco County Arrest. The two websites offer a huge database of current and historic mugshots for the county. A click on any mugshot on both sites links to the arrest records for the defendant. The authors of Pasco County Arrest provide additional information on the defendant relating to historic arrest records if available. Mugshots on Pasco County Arrest also appear on the site's Facebook page.

Pasco County Mugshots and Arrest

Pasco County has just over half a million residents and records over 20,000 arrests yearly. The violent crime rate in the county currently stands at 341.9 while the property crime rate is 1,653 in every 100,000 residents. These rates still fall short of the state average of 393 (violent crime) and 2,328 (property crime). The criminal justice process in Pasco County begins with an arrest by any of its five law enforcement agencies. Afterward, the defendant is taken for booking at the Pasco County Jail at:

20101 Central Blvd,
Land O Lakes, FL 34637
(813) 996-6982

The booking process at the jail include searches, medical screening, photographing(mugshots), fingerprinting, DNA submission, and computer entry of charges and demographics. Defendants charged with bailable offenses can be released after booking once if the defendants meet the bail condition.

Other defendants who cannot meet the terms of bail are left in jail along with offenders charged with unbailable offenses. By Florida law, these incarcerated defendants must make a first appearance before a judge within 24 hours after an arrest. At this hearing, the judge informs the defendant of the charges, reviews the legal sufficiency of the arrest affidavit, and addresses the reasonableness of the bond amount. The judge also conducts a brief financial inquiry to determine whether the person qualifies (provisionally) for the services of the public defender. Consequently, formal charges are filed and where the defendant pleads guilty sentencing follows. Otherwise, the case against the defendant is taken to trial.

Obtaining Certified Arrest Records

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office provides an arrest record for a defendant upon request. A requestor may visit the Pasco Sheriff's Office's Records Unit in person to order for a copy. Make this in-person request at the administrative office or any other district offices across the county. Alternatively, reach the Records Unit by phone at (800) 854-2862 ext. 6448 or (813) 235-6119. The unit also accepts requests by fax at (813) 235-6119. Copies of these arrest records are provided for a fee per the Florida Statute 119. A requestor will be informed of the cost of an order before being filled.

However, the Pasco County Clerk of the Court provides online access to view these arrest records via its official website. Visit the Online Court Records Search tool on the Clerk's website to make a quick search of existing records. The search tool allows users to query the database by name of the defendant, the date the case was filed, or the date of birth of the defendant. To obtain physical copies of these arrest records, contact the Clerk's office in person by visiting either of the two office's locations at:

Dade City
38053 Live Oak Avenue
Suite 210
Dade City, FL 33523-3894
(352) 521-4542,

New Port Richey
7530 Little Road
New Port Richey, FL 34654
Suite 106
(727) 847-8031

Alternatively, make a mail-in request to:

P.O. Box 338
New Port Richey, FL 34656-0338

Copies of these arrest records are provided at $1 per page and certified at the cost of $2 per document. There may be an additional $2 per year search fee charged on each request when a staff of the office assisted with the record searches. The two offices are open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sealing and Expunging Mugshots and Arrest Records

Persons with arrest records in Pasco County can petition the court within the county for the expungement or sealing of such records in line with Florida law. An applicant may solicit the services of a local attorney in completing this complex process or take it up personally.

This process begins with a proof of eligibility for this privilege which is determined at the state level by FDLE. Interested applicants can visit the FDLE website to obtain the seal/expunge packet to initiate this process. The completed packet will be submitted along with a money order or cashier's check for a processing fee of $75 to the agency.

Once the FDLE has issued the certificate of eligibility, the applicant must present it to the court with a petition, an affidavit, and a proposed order to seal or expunge. These other documents can be obtained from the law library located at one of the courthouses:

West Pasco Judicial Center
7530 Little Road
New Port Richey, FL 34654

Robert D. Sumner Judicial Center
38053 Live Oak Avenue
Dade City, FL 33523

When filing a petition to seal or expunge with the Clerk Office, Include a filing fee of $42.00 per record. Additional costs may be assessed for extra copies or certifications. Consequently, a hearing is scheduled for the judge to review the petition in granting or denying the petition to seal or expunge the case record.

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